Saturday, December 14, 2013

346. Embers

Clementine has been practicing how to sit while we go on our walk each day.  She is learning!  It the rush of every day (and evening), it has become my favorite part of the day as it becomes the only part of the day that I feel focused.  No multi-tasking on these walks -- just dealing with a hyped up puppy willing to sit for a treat trying to ignore the squirrel on the tree or the cat sitting in the driveway.  

We sat in the yard for a few minutes to relish in the lovely weather and the last of the setting sun before going in and cooking supper, doing laundry, cleaning up after art projects (the girl has gone crazy with her painting projects), entertaining friends who have stopped by.

My time with her makes me happy.  She gives me that reason to escape the madness -- if only for a few minutes.

Life has been so packed lately --  constantly coming and going and in motion.  Life is just on fire!

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