Wednesday, February 29, 2012

60/366 Conditional love

That little boy who gave me a flower yesterday got into a bit of trouble today. As I walked him out to his dad's car I heard him say, "I'm never giving you another flower again."

Cracked. Me. Up!

I love the honesty of children!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

59/366 Some days are just like that

You know the saying, "Mama said there would be days like this."

Well, it is true.

My husband takes great pleasure in the crazy people stories. Me, not so much. At least I have him to vent to.

Conversation of the day:

Mr. Southern Drawl: "Here Miz Lind. I picked a flower for you."

Me: "You are so sweet! I love it! I'm going to put it right here on my name badge."

Mr. Southern Drawl: "Nobody has ever given you flowers before, I reckon."

Maybe I did go on a little much for a dandelion flower.

Monday, February 27, 2012

58/366 Chewawa approves of the shoes

For the first time ever, I got a video analysis of my running completed so that I would know what sort of running shoes I should be looking for. And for the first time ever, I bought shoes based solely on comfort and not looks (which translates to plain-border-line-ugly shoes).

I felt two emotions - rather adult-like and depressed. I better not get blisters with these shoes.

I now have a new mission in life - to get Brooks to make some cuter shoes.

57/366 Race Day - Disney Princess Half Marathon

This was the most fun run EVER!

I had one emotional moment in the race corral before the race started when I thought back on the getting sick and then having surgery debacle. Honestly, I am completely humbled by the whole experience and I hope I never take the ability to run for granted again.

My girlfriends rock! I just wish I could have had ALL of them there.

Snow White, Ariel and I ran together and we stopped at most every photo op known to man. Seriously, we posed with characters that I didn't t even know! When we weren't taking photos, we ran like heck to the next character station. I swear, I could have run all day.

When we all met at the meeting spot after the race, we headed back home to shower, shave and shine! Then we ran all around Epcot whilst wearing our huge Princess medals. The fireworks at the close of the day were sensational!

This day goes down as a very happy day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

56/366 The Day Before

Tomorrow, we run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Today, we shopped and laughed. And we carb loaded.

It was an awesome day!

Friday, February 24, 2012

55/366 Chewawa stands in line

Chewawa gets to pose with the footmen.

The whole group (minus Rae - who was still on the way) with Chewawa and the footmen at the Expo.

I headed to Orlando with some girlfriends for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. We have had an entire day full of laughs and fun while riding in my friend's mini-van. Never having had a mini-van, I felt like part of an elite group and waved to all the other mini-vans on the road. We even held up signs that said, "We love your car!" Lots of blank looks ensued. Clearly, they need to work on their sense of humor.

While traveling, we found one of little Bud's toys - "Chewawa." Chewawa is awesome and has officially earned girlfriend status for the weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

54/366 If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

Then it must be a duck!

My sweet husband has recently taught himself how to weld. He has made several things but this project is just for me. For most of my married life, I've wanted a pet chicken. Despite my begging and pleading, he has calmly said no -- instead deciding to make a metal chicken to satisfy my love of the feathered fowl. As the project progressed, the bird began looking rather duck-ish. This past weekend, I had the talk with the husband that the bird was not a chicken but was definitely a duck - and I love that funky duck. Since then, several people have come over and commented on the duck in the garage. :)

I love being right!

When the duck is finished, I'm having a duck naming party. Suggestions are welcomed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

53/366 The Windowsill

Things are getting back to normal. Life has a way of doing that for you.

After a busy day at work, a run with a couple of girlfriends, dinner cooked by the husband, and a trip to the store to pick up a newly framed picture, I finally remembered to take a picture for today. That is me in the bokeh-dy background. Nothing special - just me happy about the getting back to normal part.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

52/366 Sometimes there are bumps in the road

It has been a long day with a great big dollop of heart hurt -- and heart hurt is the worst kind.

Monday, February 20, 2012

51/366 Better than the radio

As part of the Get Pushed Group, I was paired with Memotions - a really nice lady with a very interesting photostream! She must know that I have a hard time sitting still because she pushed me to do just that. I really need to go thank her because it was so nice to actually slow down.

And what was the challenge? "I can tell that you are a nature lover, but how about taking a stab at some birds.....up close and personal, if possible. You live in an area where varieties abound, so sit yourself down, set a spell and start shooting them."

As I said earlier, sitting down and just chilling in the yard was the hard part. There was that and then getting the dog to quit barking and chasing away the birds. I finally put her inside and just sat in the middle of the yard with a book and my camera. When no birds fluttered my way, my sweet husband came out and refilled the bird feeder and spread some sunflower seeds around.

After a little time, they began singing and flitting all about. This bird -- some kind of warbler, I think -- just made me so happy with his singing.

Thanks, Patty, for the push! I still want to be able to capture some hummingbirds like yours when they come back from their winter in the south.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

50/366 No rest for the weary

On my run this morning, I worked hard to ignore this cold I've been fighting as I could feel the roots of my teeth with every step. After the run, I cleaned the house, went to the grocery store and cooked supper for friends.

The friends just left and I'm completely spent - and since I was lacking inspiration, I woke up the dog wrapped in her blanket and snapped her picture.

There. Picture taken and posted. Sinus medicine, here I come!

49/366 Barns, bokeh, and love

Yesterday, I worked with my husband all day and most of the night. The wedding was in a delightful little chapel on a farm in Tallahassee (about an hour and half from where we live) and the reception was in the barn that connected to the back of the chapel.

It was the coolest wedding!

This picture was taken in the barn where we were setting up for the reception. The open doorway led to the chapel.

P.S. I slept in late and then stayed in bed with the dog and a book. It felt good to be lazy for a change.

Friday, February 17, 2012

48/366 The Limo Ride

Today, I got to take the top sellers for a school fundraiser on a limo ride and out to lunch. What an experience! Six little girls from the ages of 7 to 10... Squeals and chaos ensued. And delightful conversation.

This shot was taken when the limo driver called out to the ladies that he was driving them over a bridge. That bridge was merely an overpass in our little downtown. They were hysterical.

Snippets of conversation:

"Oh look! There is a man with a dog!" followed by a complete chorus of "Awwwww...."

"You pulled for the Patriots?! Me, too! And I was the only person in my family to cheer for the Patriots except for my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma!"

"This is the first time I've ever even seen a limo! It is so much bigger than my mom's car!"

While playing on the phone in the limo that didn't work - "Mrs. So-and-so's mom? Your daughter is just out of control!"

"We can so not listen to country music. I think when you are in a limo you have to listen to rap!"

Me: "We need to decide on a restaurant. We can go where ever you want." The girls talked amongst themselves and then chose Chick-Fil-A - a fast food restaurant. Delightfully hilarious! Their reason? They wanted milkshakes.

I hope this day will go down in their memory as happy of a day as it is in mine.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

47/366 Dung - It's what's for dinner

Really... it's homemade pizza.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

46/366 Trust issues

I had this great idea to put some peanut butter on the crystal ball and then take a picture of Mili's tongue as she licked it.

So I set the ball up on the oriental run in the sitting room. Then I went and got the peanut butter from the pantry. Mili followed me around and seemed very happy about the peanut butter coming out of hiding.

Then I spread a little on the crystal ball. Mili looked at me suspiciously. When I got my camera, she ran away.

It was hysterical! I finally got her to come back into the room but she kept her distance. Obviously, she has not forgotten our little painted paws escapades from this past weekend.

Finally, I accidentally knocked the crystal ball over and some peanut butter got on the rug (do NOT tell the husband). Mili ran over to lick the carpet but she was having nothing to do with the crystal ball.

One of us may need some counseling! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

45/366 Only the strong can survive

For the most part, I really do take my camera with me everywhere. This was the view on the way to work this morning. Breathtaking! A few minutes later, a great big rainbow came out, too. It was a great start to a cold, rainy and wild day!

There were several really fabulous conversations with kids but my favorite was this one.

Why walk when you can run 1st grader (holding out a card): "Mrs. Lind! I made a Valentine for you but I didn't know how to spell your name. My mom said to do my best and that is what I did."

Me (receiving Valentine and noticing that he had spelled my name MRS. LEAN): "Aw! You are so sweet! And you got the name exactly right!"

Why walk when you can run 1st grader (beginning to jump up and down): "And I know that there is another one of you but he walks like this (demonstration begins) and he looks at us like this (continuation of demonstration) and he is the boy principal. I made him a card, too."

Me: "If you want, I can take it and give it to him."

The envelope read "To the boy principal." I've been calling my assistant principal the "boy principal" all day. :)

Whew! Survived another National Sugared-Up Kid Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

44/366 Cupcake Love

Just to show the staff some love, we brought in a variety of cupcakes.

Now we keep our fingers crossed for the "tomorrow won't be a wild day because the kids ate too much sugar" vibes to work.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

43/366 Imelda and Me

After a nice easy run this morning, I decided to clean out my closet. While doing so, I remembered an idea for a picture that I stole from here.

I do love shoes - especially heels and running shoes! And besides just two more pairs of boots - these are ALL the shoes I have. Seriously, I don't think I have enough. Maybe I should have a conversation with the husband today to remedy that problem. :)

Really, this picture is way more fun here!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

42/366 Rainbow Feet

A few months ago, I had a dream that Mili had painted her paws in beautiful rainbow colors. She was asking me to take a photo of the bright colors while holding one paw up.

Hey, it was a dream. I can't help what I dream. And apparently the dog talks in my dreams.

Today, I was running a few errands when I looked over and saw some water color paints on sale. It was as if the rainbow gods were smiling down on me. I had visions of Mili lying still while I lovingly painted her feet with all the colors of the rainbow.

One can dream, right?

The reality was hilarious! She did NOT like me messing with her feet. Once her feet were colorfully painted, she sort of gimply hobbled off - not making for very pretty paw prints on the path. After I quit wrestling her, she went to lie down as far away from me as possible.

When I tried to get close to take a picture, she would run off. Finally, I put on the zoom lens so that I could get some of her and her painted feet.

For the record, nobody was hurt and the dog received lots of treats.

Friday, February 10, 2012

41/366 The School Dance

We had two dances at school today - the first with the Kindergarten through 2nd graders and the second with the 3rd through 5th graders.

Did you know that jumping up and down is a really cool dance? And so is the spastic bull frog (you probably don't want to ask).

I love working with elementary students. Especially when they bust lose with their dance moves.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

40/366 Being outside is better than Xanax... maybe

Everyone in the office has a new found appreciation for our school nurse now that she has been out all week with the flu. While dealing with the regular craziness that a school office serves up, we also handled the following: two bloody noses, one splinter, puke, two bumps on the head (not related to the bloody noses), one great big seizure, daily medicine doses, a temper tantrum, and two kids with the "boy who cried wolf syndrome."

And how was your day?

The best question of the day came from the student with new cast from recently breaking his arm: "Is it normal to feel like your heart is in your arm?"

Of course it is. And here, take this here Tylenol.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

39/366 The Explanation

Just ask any educator about the full moon and you'll get an earful about how the children go wild and behaviors are off the charts. If you don't believe it, just come spend a day in a school on a full moon.

The view from the front doors of the school this morning had my knees trembling (that is the moon - not the sun... I promise!). The reality was a bit heftier!


Glad I can declare it an "I'm not cooking" night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

38/366 It ain't easy being green... unless you are a fern!

Today was a much happier day!

Conversation of the day.

Student needing to take medicine at noon (our nurse is out with the flu): "Did you know that I get a Skittle if I wamember (remember) to come take my medicine?"

Me: "That sounds like a good plan!"

Student swallows the pill: "And did you know that I get anoder (another) Skittle if I find gwoundhog (groundhog) tracks?"

Me: "Did you find some groundhog tracks?"

Student: "Of course! So, you owe me two Skittles."

I'm pretty sure I got swindled but it made me laugh.

Monday, February 6, 2012

37/366 Fortunately

Sometimes emotions run high. Especially when dealing with children. And when emotions run high, self-control can be in jeopardy. Fortunately, most upset people are able to be talked down. Fortunately.

Sometimes emotions hit you square in the chest. A sucker punch to the soul. Fortunately, when the soul is wounded, the things that are important can be put back into their proper perspective. Fortunately.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

36/366 Superbowl Sunday and Spring

Today was a beautiful spring day and I decided to capture one last bloom on the Japanese Magnolia. The green leaves have budded out and it feels like spring is here to stay. Actually, it kind of feels like winter never came - but I am not complaining! It can be spring in February!

Also, today I was able to go on my first real run in over a month. It means so much to me that I am well on my way to being normal (relative to me) again. It was a happy day!

Now, if only the Giants could pull off this game!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

35/366 The husband's new hobby

My husband has been saying for years that he wanted to learn to weld. Well, a couple of months ago, he bought a welder and set out on some random projects. A couple of projects have been just for me! He made this table sitting on our patio out of a tractor door and I LOVE it!

The pollen from our spring-like winter would probably stand out more if the door weren't already yellow. You can see the circles of pollen on the glass, if you look closely.

And the flowers were from my sweet friend, Kippy. She came to see me every day that I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and on one trip brought these beautiful orange roses. I love the color of the flowers even now that they've dried.

Friday, February 3, 2012

34/366 Blood Orange

A couple of years ago, I bought a book for my husband called "1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die." There are many options where I'd rather die than taste (I will never knowingly eat rabbit or horse or rattlesnake - and for different reasons) - but then there was the Blood Orange. Living in small town Georgia does not always lend itself to cool and exotic foods (and in my world, Blood Oranges meet the definition of exotic).

I highly recommend!

In the process of taking this picture, I dug out that thing you put on the top of the camera that flashes. I really, really, really need to learn to improve my lighting skills.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

33/366 Funner

Helped out with Scrabble Club today and it was FUN. Actually, I think I had a FUNNER time than the students as I really messed with their heads about the word FUNNER. I had half the table convinced it wasn't a word. In the end, one of the students got a dictionary and called my bluff. :)

Now I'm off to the Spirit Night being held at a local restaurant to raise money for our Safety Patrol trip in the spring. Some days are just FUNNER than other days.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

32/366 Be free

Did you know that you could BUY ladybugs? I wanted to keep them all but let most of them go in the yard. The rest of them will go to school with me in the morning as part of a 1st grade lesson. After the lesson and the ladybug inspection, they'll be released in the school garden.

I love those bugs!