Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15 ~ Behind

Behind that camera is one tired me.  If only I could drag my toe in the sand of this merry-go-round of life to slow it down a bit.

Today was especially hectic.
I had to pull three videos from buses.
Which resulted in 10 (TEN!) bus discipline referrals.
Which meant I had to talk with all the students involved.
And then call their parents.
I also had 8 (EIGHT!) parent conferences about promotion.
All but one showed up.
And I called that one on the phone.
Throughout the day, I had 3 other discipline referrals.
I only got 4 minutes to eat lunch.
I wish I were kidding.

When I left work, I went by my mothers, went by the bank, went by the store and dropped off something at the doctors.  I came home to finish packing for the girls and I loaded the car so that I can deliver all their stuff to their mother tomorrow.

And then I cooked supper and got the girls bathed.
Because Jeff is working tonight.

I'm not sure my sentences are coherent.
And I don't really care.

Tomorrow, after work, the man and I leave for Jacksonville to spend the night.  We have a ridiculously early flight on Saturday to NYC.
Then we hop on the train to New Haven.
Because my boy -- who turned 22 today -- is graduating on Monday.

I am shattered, excited and heading to bed in a few minutes.  If tomorrow is anything like today, I'll need my strength.

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