Monday, June 3, 2013

154. Subtle

The prompt was smile and I thought, "No problem.  I smile a lot."  Yet, when I turned the camera on me, all the smiles felt so forced.  And they looked forced, too.  This subtle smile seems to be the one that best sums up the day.

Meeting with the superintendent -- check.
Office boxed up for the custodians to move all the furniture out to strip and wax the floor -- check.
Rush home to meet the lady for the home study -- check.
Celebrate a good report on the home study -- check.
Get ready for bed - delayed but next on the to do list.

It looks like we are about a week or two away from being declared fit to be parents and having that sweet girl move in.

After I typed that last sentence, I smiled really big.  Too bad I didn't have the camera in my hands.

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