Tuesday, July 2, 2013

182. Home

Monday.  Looking out the airport shuttle train.

After one more breakfast of bagels (yes, we ate them every single day -- we don't get good bagels in south Georgia), my sister and I packed up and lugged our luggage to the subway to begin our way to the airport.  It was pouring and the umbrella just didn't help with the sideways rain.  The rain did help hide my tears as I said goodbye to my boy.

Our luggage was heavy and awkward which made me cringe when we realized that we needed to be on the other side of the track.  We had brought our biggest suitcases so that we could bring all of Drew's clothes and stuff to NYC.  When we headed back, I actually had a suitcase inside a suitcase so that I could bring it back to Georgia.

So, we lugged the suitcases back up the stairs and crossed the street.  Thanks to the kindness of strangers, I was assisted with my luggage at every set of stairs.  It became hilarious because obviously I was struggling with my monster suitcase.  Who says New Yorkers aren't kind?

Right after we got through security at the airport, I received a text message that our flight was delayed.  And then another message came with another delay.  And another.

We finally boarded the plane hours later -- but thankful that it wasn't one of the canceled flights.  The weather really was bad all along the East coast.

We landed in Jacksonville in the midst of a nice downpour.  After driving in the rain for two hours, I finally made it home at 1:30 something a.m., where my sweet husband had waited up and was there to help me with my monster suitcase.

Plus, he was happy that I had brought home some bagels for him.

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