Wednesday, April 17, 2013

106/365 Getting my cheer on

I took this picture with my fun (but oh so challenging) Lensbaby right before heading to the hospital.

The surgery was a success.  Everyone was so nice and I felt comfortable with the doctor -- though I barely remember seeing him.  When they woke me in the recovery room, apparently I asked them how the elephant was doing.  I don't recall the question or what prompted me to ask but it did humor the nursing staff.

Just a few hours later, I was home and sleeping on the sofa.  The sofa and I are bonding nicely.

Today, I am sore but it isn't unbearable -- though of course, I probably can thank the pain meds for that.

Thanks to all for the well wishes.  I am doing fine and my family (especially the man) has been so fabulous to me.

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