Sunday, March 6, 2011

10/52 The other sign says Watch For Children

After lunch, I went for a walk with my camera (her name is Camille). There are so many things blooming and it just makes me want to take a picture of everything out there which then causes me to have serious ADHD moments. In the end I took a picture of the Curve Ahead sign. This street is around the corner from my house and is a great street to do hill repeats on when running for several reasons: it has a hill (I live in a predominantly flat area), it is beautiful, it has a baseball park, and there is a fabulous pink house that I love.

By the way, there are two houses for sale on this street. Any cool people want to move to a hill in a flat area that has early spring and sultry summers?


jordiegirl said...

Sounds good to me - when can I move in?

only a movie said...

I already did my stint in a southern state, but I have to say... your neighborhood looks lovely. xoxoxo

Thanks for the signs of spring. We have torrential rain (that would be a couple of feet of snow, had it been colder). All of our snow is washing away...