Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Celebration for Tay and Max

Tay used to attend my elementary school when he was younger and I just fell in love with him and his sweet spirit. Tay has always been a very sick but brave little boy! He has a blood disease that destroyed his kidneys. There have been several scares when we thought we'd lose Tay. After living for a couple of years without kidneys and having to be on dialysis each and every night, a kidney became available for Tay earlier this year!

We all cried happy tears as we waited for Tay to come out of surgery. In recovery, Tay named his kidney Max (who has adapted very well to him, thank you very much).

This weekend, Tay turned 14 years old and a BIG birthday celebration was held for him. If you don't believe in miracles, you should come meet Tay. He is a young man with a big heart and an even bigger smile that will make a lasting impression on you.

About this picture: This was an emotional moment after Tay's grandmother had tried to share what Tay means to her. She cried. Tay cried. Tay's grandfather joined in and he cried. There wasn't a dry eye in the house (I actually don't know this for sure as I couldn't see past the puddle flowing from my own eyes).

Sometimes, you meet someone who reminds you of all that is important. Tay is one of those people.

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Gaston Studio said...

Wonderful tribute to Tay, Beth. I wouldn't have been able to see anything thru the tears either! Love that he named his kidney Max, very strong name.