Sunday, March 20, 2011

12/52 Decisions

A weekend at the beach... 300+ pictures taken... Between the evening walk on the beach and breakfast at The Fourth of May (great restaurant) and dolphins at the pier and Dona playing golf and dinner at Blackwater Grill (one of my top 5 all-time favorite restaurants) and long walks at the beach looking for shells (and finding so much more) and the deer on the golf course (they were so close to us!) and the super moon (who incidentally forgot his cape) - I had a hard time picking just one picture to represent the week. In the end, I deleted 200 pictures (really, who needs 68 pictures of dolphins swimming in the ocean?) and chose this one of the beach at low tide. The sand looked like a field of diamonds and I loved the silhouette of the person and the dog.

I love going on vacation and I love to come home! Now I'm off to slather on the aloe again.

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Gaston Studio said...

Great representative photo of a beach trip Beth, you done good!