Saturday, February 16, 2013

47/365 Lost and scared

My oldest step-daughter and her mother rescued a dog from the middle of the road (and in the rain).  They brought her to our house so that we could try to find her owners.

She has a pink collar but no name tag.  On Monday, we'll take her to the vet to see if she has a chip.

She hasn't made a sound. And she is stilling shaking a little.  But she is walking around checking out the house now.  Plus, she has eaten some chicken.  Mili seems only mildly jealous.  They've both been sniffing each other and walking about the house together.

She is so stinking cute!  I wonder what her story is.

2/18/13 UPDATE!
Yesterday morning, we took this pup to the vet to see if she had a chip.  She did not.  So we took her home.  She still seems sad but trusts us enough to sit with us and to eat from our hand.  It is so obvious that she has been fed people food because she sits in the kitchen at our feet whenever we cook or eat.

Last night, we saw an ad on Craig's List looking for a lost shih tzu.  It was her owner!  A sweet college student who had had this dog since she was in high school.  When the girl was getting out of the car, the dog started wagging her tail with excitement.  The girl was holding back tears as she cuddled with her found pup.  Apparently, the dog had found a hole under the fence and went out for an adventure before getting lost.

Oh, and her name is Princess.

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