Saturday, May 4, 2013

123/365 Stone Mountain

For a minute there, I had two of my girl's convinced that one of their teachers was carved on the side of the mountain.  Then they saw the third girl just shaking her head and said, "Nah uh!  That isn't Mr. W."  I do love playing with them.  They can be delightfully gullible.

Unfortunately, due to the high winds, the sky lift to the top was closed. My girls didn't want to climb the mountain so they did the ropes course and the 4D movie instead.

When we got home last night, all the students still had smiles on their faces.  I hope this will be a source of happy memories for years to come.

I came home, unpacked, ate supper and then went straight to bed.  It was a fun trip but I am happy to be home!

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