Friday, May 17, 2013

137. Friday Afternoon

The end of the year wears me out.  We only have 4 1/2 days left -- the kids have gone ape crap crazy are getting antsy and we are all ready to find out exactly where it is five o'clock the patience is wearing thin.

When I sent one student home to begin his summer break early, his parent screamed and raged at me (trees and acorns).  We really try not to send students home but there does come that time when enough is enough.

Mad parent: "You are ridiculous!  Just admit it that you don't want to deal with my son anymore."

Me: "No ma'am.  You are wrong.  I don't want to deal with you anymore."

It was deliciously satisfying when she slammed the phone down on me.

Oh the abuse I've taken from that woman all year long.

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