Friday, January 17, 2014

January 16 ~ Reserved

That parking space allows me to be a part of a lot of exciting things each and every day.  On Thursday, I got to do the following:

- Talk to two boys about why you shouldn't wipe boogers on each other.  It doesn't matter who did it first.
- Help the school nurse with some lice screenings.  Unfortunately, a few kids had to be sent home.
- Convince one kid who had shut down to get up off the playground and come inside with me (his class had already gone inside).
- Talk with a student about why we don't slide down the hall on our knees.  And when the teacher tells us not to do it, we don't do it again.
- Have a student clean up his mess when he had a tantrum and pulled all the books off the bookshelf in the class.
- Talk with an angry parent about an incident on the bus.
- Talk with an angry bus driver about an incident on the bus.

That isn't all that happened on Thursday but merely the highlights.  Life in the assistant principal's office is never dull.

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