Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28 ~ Note to self: Return library books

If we'd known then what we know now, we would have returned those books to the library to get some others.  

Guess what?! Tomorrow is a SNOW DAY for us!  

This is a really big deal since the last time my town saw snow it was 1989. Julia and I have made plans to stay in our pajamas all. day. long.  We'll just wear jackets over our pjs when we go play in the snow.  

This year, Julia has really improved in her reading.  One of those books is a book of poetry that she has been reading to me on the way home from school.  She makes me swoon!  The other one is Anne from Avonlea -- a bit too hard for her right now but one that she is interested in me reading to her later on.  

Stay warm!

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