Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27 ~ Secure

Julia has made several comments about being nervous about her upcoming ballet, jazz and tap recital -- which is in April.  Despite the reassurances and the extra lessons to catch her up with her classmates who have been dancing together since they were 3 or 4, she has continued to express worry over remembering the routine... the steps... the turns...

Today, the class invited the parents in to watch the jazz routine.  Julia was so focused on her routine that she seemed to barely notice all the adults in the room.  The girls did great but I don't think any were as excited while simultaneously being relieved as Julia was.

She looked as if she had been dancing with these girls all along.  The look of satisfaction in her face lets me know that she is secure in at least one of the dance routines coming up in April.  We have plenty of time to practice and learn the others.

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