Thursday, February 13, 2014

2/13 ~ Conversation

Julia went through all her Valentines from her party today.  Then she decided that she needed to discuss each one.

"Do you know Caleb R?  Not Caleb S?  Caleb S. can be really silly.  Sometimes the teacher says, 'Do you know me?' to him.  I say that sometimes, too.  Do you know me?  Hahahaha.  It is funny when she says that.  Well, Caleb R. gave out Valentines that have yellow things on them.  Can you guess?  Can you?  Oh, come on.  It is some characters from a movie... Minions!  We all liked the Minions.  And Allie had Minion Valentine cards, too.  But I got a different Minion card from her.  And do you know Kelsey?  She got the same Minion card from Caleb R. AND Allie.  Hahahaha!  Isn't that crazy?..."

In real life, the conversation was longer.  And the crazy part was that she didn't get any conversation hearts in her Valentine bag.  None.  Zip.  She didn't even know what they were.

That will be rectified tomorrow morning.

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