Monday, February 17, 2014

2/16 ~ Healing Rays of Sunshine

While Clementine may be home, she is still one very sick puppy.  Living in the south, we've been fortunate enough to get warm afternoons despite the chilly mornings and evenings.  Clementine decided to take a break from convalescing on the sofa and found a spot of sun.

When Mili joined her, I knew I had to capture the moment.  Mili is still very jealous of Clementine but seems to realize that she is ailing at the moment.  Well, at least in that particular moment in the sun.  When we get out the dog ice cream (yes, we are those people) because that is the only way we can get Clemmie to drink liquids, Mili became insane with her barking jealousy.

Pneumonia in dogs is no laughing matter.  We've struggled to get her to eat and drink.

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