Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/21 ~ Notice

As a part of the walking tour, I noticed the plaque embedded in the sidewalk.  I had the three girls in my group stop for just a moment.  This particular square was named for Benjamin Franklin and is directly across the street from the First African Baptist Church where we heard stories from a lady whom I could have listened to all day.

When one student asked if the 1917 Steinway piano really worked, she asked the students who knew how to play the piano.  One student put his hand up, then quickly pulled it back down -- but not before our tour guide had noticed.

Tour guide: "Come on up here, boy, and let's show them what this piano sounds like."

Boy (shakes head no while smiling)

Tour guide: "How old are you?"

Boy: "I'm ten."

Tour guide: "And I'm 64.  Now get up here and play."

The boy shyly approached the piano and sat down.  He focused on the keys and the placement of his fingers before playing the most beautiful hymn.  The other students sat in amazement and the adults/chaperones were blinking back tears.  It was one of those moments that will help define some of the magic of this trip.

I did get to take pictures and the boy's parents will get the prints soon.

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