Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11 ~ Extra special

The advocate for the girls came to the school today to talk with them about their lives.  He asked if they were they happy.  I was told they said yes.  When asked if they wanted to go back to their great aunt and uncle to live, they both said a very firm no.  I was told there was no hesitation.

And that is good.  There was a hearing in the juvenile court today.  The man and I were there and we were ready.  We waited and waited and waited and then they called out our case.  It took the judge about 2 minutes to rule for them to continue in our care.

Afterwards, the case manager came by for our monthly visit and to see how Danielle has settled into our home.  All was routine but we couldn't help but worry about decisions that could be made for the girls that are out of our control.

Let's just say the hugs from the girls tonight felt extra special.

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