Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20 ~ Little girl hair

Fixing little girl hair is challenging for me!  When my boys were little, i just sprayed their hair down and combed it.  At least I think I combed it.  I just don't remember much about fixing hair at all with the boys.

Now that there are two little girls down the hall, we have hair ordeals each morning.  We start with the spraying of the special spray -- it smells like strawberries and childhood.  Then, we move on to careful hair brushing all the while the girls begin their dramatic declarations the delicateness of their heads.  Last begin the laborious discussions of how to wear the hair: up or down or with a bow and which bow matches or with a flip and which side should the part go on...

They love looking being girly girls.  Unfortunately for them, I have a lot to learn about fixing little girl hair.

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