Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7/1 ~ Our secret

Earlier today, I took the girls to get ice cream.  They'd never had waffle cones and they wanted to try it out.  Sure.  I'm game.  Two scoops of quickly melting bliss.

I took my camera.  My big girl camera.  And I took several pictures of the chocolate chow down.

When I got home, I tried to download the pictures only to find out that there was no card in the camera.


Yesterday, I had put the card in the little Nikon Coolpix to get it ready for a road trip later this week.  I forgot to put it back in the big camera.  Great.  There went those adorable, drippy pictures.

I really wanted a picture of ice cream for today.

While the girls were showering this evening, I whipped up some more homemade "ice cream."  They don't know that it is really just blended up frozen bananas with a little bit of chocolate and almond milk.  They think it some banana chocolate ice cream that I know how to make.

And they think they got ice cream twice in one day.  You won't tell, right?

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