Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/23 ~ Three

Three.  Three happens to be LESS than the number of trips I took to the pharmacy today.

I went to the eye doctor as I was convinced that my contacts had morphed into evil creatures and were attacking my innocent eyes.  As it turns out, I have an infection in the tear ducts in my eyelids.  The doctor electronically sent in the prescriptions and sent me on my way.   Well, he sent my on my way after checking to see what I had in my wallet and taking it all.  I kid.  Not really but I'm not bitter.  I'm just not digging wearing my glasses right now in the humidity.  One can get used to walking in fog, right?

Trip ONE (to Pharmacy A): "We are sorry but our computer system is down.  It is a corporate problem.  We suggest you get your doctor to call it in to a different place."

I called the eye doctor and relayed the message.  No problem.  They said they would call it right in to Pharmacy B.

Trip TWO (to Pharmacy B): "Thank you for your business!  Here is your prescription.  What?  Only the eye ointment was called in, not the antibiotic.  You need to call your doctor about calling in the other one."

I called the eye doctor.  Again.  And left a message on the answering machine.

Trip THREE (to Pharmacy A after realizing the doctor's office was not calling back today): "Our system is working again!  Thanks for your patience.  Oh, you don't need the ointment now?  No problem."

When I got home, I opened the bag to realize I had another tube of ointment.

Trip FOUR (to Pharmacy A to get the oral antibiotics): "Do you need medical counseling from the pharmacist?  Oh?  You mean you wanted the oral antibiotics.  No problem.  I'll refund the ointment and you now owe $174.83.  You see, I thought that you didn't want to pay that much so that was why I put it back.  Insurance?  It says here that the number is wrong.  Oh, I guess I can type that in again and see if that helps.  And it does!  That will be $20."

And that was how I spent my last day of summer.  Back to work tomorrow!

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