Saturday, March 2, 2013

60/365 On the learning curve

Right now, I'm on the bottom end of that learning curve.  So painful!  I bought Photoshop CS6 about a month ago and it has just been sitting there.  I've spent most of the morning just trying to figure out the basics.  It makes me want to wail and gnash my teeth.

My poor husband has had to listen to me whine.

Why, oh, why do they have to make that program so user unfriendly?  I've watched videos on YouTube and I've got two books (even the Dummies version) and they make me want to say bad words.  It just doesn't make much sense yet.

I'm trying to stick with it.  I hope it is worth it.

This picture is the first and only picture I've edited in photoshop.  It was taken yesterday right before I left to go to a retirement party for a friend.

Anyone want to fly to south Georgia and hold my hand while I learn CS6?

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