Tuesday, March 19, 2013

78/365 "Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep." ~ Madonna

Yesterday we were bemoaning the fact that the accreditation team was not coming in the morning.  We wanted them to come sooner rather than later and just be done with the whole process.  Then the car ran into the log truck in front of the school first thing this morning backing up traffic down the highway.

Before all the buses had arrived, the puke-fest (AKA stomach virus) was sweeping through the house (and on a couple of buses).  Lawd, at how fast the upchucks can be passed on.  We had already sent 6 children home before 9 a.m.

When the accreditation team did arrive a little after noon, things seemed calm and the puking seemed contained.  We smiled and nodded and they did, too.  By the time they left, they seemed happy and supportive.  The rest of us felt relieved and drained. It has been a lot of work leading up to the visit this afternoon and we were ready for this to be a part of history.

On the ride home, Dalton (he is my chauffeur while he is on spring break) and I recapped our days.  As we pulled into the carport, I couldn't help but laugh at the wildcat head from our local high school's football team sitting on a barrel (the man found it at the junkyard today).  As I came into the house and settled in for the day, I kept passing the carport window and seeing the cat head.  Each time, it made me laugh -- and that is what I want to remember about this day.

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