Sunday, March 17, 2013

75/365 There was love...

This was the first big wedding I've photographed and let's just say that I have a better understanding why photographers charge what they do for wedding pictures.  It is mentally exhausting, stressful (are you going to miss the critical moments?), and physically taxing.  The wedding was perfect and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph Fayris and Matt on their wedding day.  They were awesome and they and their wedding party had a fantastic sense of humor.  Plus, the wedding was at a fabulous historic home.  It really was a lovely wedding on a perfectly beautiful spring day.  

I spent just over 8 hours taking pictures.  By the time I got home, my neck, arms and shoulders were a bit sore from holding up a camera for so many hours.  But it was my knees that took a beating.  I plopped down so many times on my knees that they were fabric burned, bruised and swollen.  My husband said they looked like the knees of an eight year old. 

When I got home last night, I looked at each and every picture taken (almost 1,500).  After the first perusal, I was still left with just over 1,100.  How do you pick just one picture of the day from that?  

I finally decided on this one.  I like the look of happiness on the guest (who was so pleased that I liked his sunglasses and willingly helped get this shot) and I love the reflection of the newly married couple.  

I love how sweet Fayris looks in this picture. It was the perfect mix of the grown up Fayris and the little girl I watched grow up.

This was my absolute favorite moment of the day -- the first look. You could absolutely see and feel the love they have for each other.

The groom and groomsmen decided to act like girls about the ring. 


The bride and bridesmaids knew how to have fun, too!

The great getaway... the birdseed made the birds oh so happy!

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