Monday, March 11, 2013

69/365 Hello, caffeine

Woke up early to meet a friend for a 10 mile run (man, the first day of daylight savings time is rough!).

Rushed home to eat breakfast and clean the house.

Typed notes for my husband as he met with a bride and her fiance about their upcoming wedding that he is catering (we did get to go eat some Indian food -- Bonus!).

Sat down for a moment before another bride and groom and the family came to meet with my husband.  For just a moment (but business is picking up -- yay, economy!).

Met with the next family (hands down the pickiest bride AND groom I've ever met -- but nice).

Baked oatmeal cookies and lemon bars for the family (did laundry, too).

Fixed supper with the husband for the boys and my sister and her husband.

Cleaned the kitchen and went straight to bed (what happened to my day of rest?).

And that's a wrap....

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