Wednesday, November 13, 2013

317. Bedtime

After I took a couple of pictures of the girl, she wanted to take a picture of me. She tells me she likes my smile.  I love hers, too.

I adore our bedtime routine of reading and cuddling.  Tonight, we finished reading Matilda.  I loved that book when I first read it in 4th grade and I loved that my boys loved it when I read it to them when they were young -- but nothing could prepare me for the emotions I felt when I read this book to the girl I met at school who now lives in my house.

When Miss Honey was telling the story of her life with her cruel aunt (Miss Trunchbull), she gasped and nodded in understanding.  Miss Honey's story was fiction and the similarities of her life with Julia's were gut wrenching.  She clapped at the end when Matilda got to live with Miss Honey.  We both do love a happy ending.

I called Julia my Matilda.  As she hugged me close, she said, "I love you, Miss Honey."

Now You
52 of You - Gather

Gathered in her room.
With her bed stuff.
Before reading and snuggling.

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