Friday, November 15, 2013

319. Home


She has been spayed and biopsied.  There is a bit of demodectic mange -- the non-contagious kind.  After healing from the surgery, she will start treatment.  She is already on antibiotics for the infection on her abdomen.

Leaving the vet's office, she tucked her nose under my arm.  When we got home, there were spots of blood all over the seat of the truck -- the new truck.  And the man didn't say anything.  He just cleaned it up.

She lay on some blankets in the laundry room.  Some are Mili's.  One is Julia's.  Mili walked into the laundry room to check her out.  She sniffed, wagged her tail, and peed.  The peeing may or may not have meant anything.

Clementine is home!  Welcome to the madness.

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