Thursday, November 14, 2013

318. The feast

Our school does a huge Thanksgiving feast -- and this year we had almost 600 guests attend.  My job was to greet, direct, and run around taking care of various issues (discipline of a few punky kids, an upset and rude parent, a lost toddler, a puking child, two car alarms going off, and more) as they occurred.

I did this all while dressed as an Indian.

After school, Julia and I went with the man to the shelter to pay the adoption fee for Clementine. Tonight, Clementine is receiving various treatments for fleas and worms and will be chipped.  We will bring her home tomorrow after she is spayed.

We got to visit with her for a few minutes and we were all happy to have her jumping around on us.  Afterwards, we went to the store to buy a giant bag of food for her.

And I did all this while dressed as an Indian.

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