Sunday, December 5, 2010

It can all change in a minute

Tonight, right after supper, we realized a house down the street was on fire. We could see the flames leaping up into the tall pines. It was horrifying to watch the firemen try to get into the house - it was totally engulfed. And we all feared the owner was inside as he pretty much never leaves the house.

After a few minutes, they got him out and rushed the stretcher to the ambulance. For a moment, he had a weak pulse. By the time the ambulance pulled off, we could see them doing CPR.

I hope he'll be okay.


only a movie said...

So scary. We had a big fire in our neighborhood last year and it was soooooo frightening. I hope your neighbor is ok.

Gaston Studio said...

Totally scarey and I, too, hope the neighbor will be okay. We also lost a house in our neighborhood to a fire a couple of years ago and since we all live in old wood frame houses, it's one of those: "There for the grace of
God, goes I."