Thursday, December 23, 2010

Walking Around (Day 3 of our NYC Family Trip)

Monday's picture (12/20/10)

We started each day with a fresh bagel from the Gramercy Bagel Shop. There is nothing like warm bagels to start your day!

On Monday, we headed to the South Seaport part of the island to go see the Bodies exhibit. It was delightfully awesome! I just had to keep telling myself that the bodies were not real (but they are!) so that I wouldn't get too grossed out. This worked with the girls, as well.

After that exhibit, we walked around the financial district and spotted the NY Stock Exchange, Wall Street, the Trump Building, and more. We walked our way back up to the Greenwich Village area and found a fabulous store that sold cream puffs and the best chai coffee.

We took a walking tour of Greenwich Village and learned a lot about the area (mainly that NYU owns most of the buildings...). We then headed over to Sammy's Romanian Steak House and had a blast eating Jewish food in this old establishment. After we left, we took the subway up to 34th Street and walked through the ridiculously crowded Macy's.

After enough of fighting the crowds in Macy's (it was ridiculous, I tell you), we walked down to the Empire State Building to get a view of the city at night. What a view! And what a breeze!

We wrapped up the day by walking back to the apartment on 21st Street. It was the end of our most walking-est day!

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