Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ready or not... Here we come! (Day 1 of our NYC Family Trip)

Saturday's picture (12/18/10)

Despite a rainy start, our spirits were high as we waited for our flight at the Jacksonville airport. While there, we saw an old couple dragging along a pet carrier which contained a yapping dog. As luck would have it, the yapping dog flew with us all the way to NYC.

Fun times.

Once in NYC (yay!), we checked into our apartment in Gramercy Park. It was a cool little place with a room for the boys, for the girls, and for my husband and I. And one bathroom.

We totally made it work!

We then took the three kids with us for a stroll all the way to Times Square (where the lights are bright!) and met up with Dalton. He had come to NYC (from college) the day before and stayed with some friends. Times Square was a total zoo! There were times when my feet were not even on the ground and I was carried along by the crowd.

We quickly decided to venture back up towards our neighborhood and look for a place to eat. We found a funky little Japanese restaurant and sat in their heat for a great meal (I wish I could remember the name of that place.....) before heading to the hotel by Ground Zero to get Dalton's luggage.

We may not have done much sightseeing but we saw enough to take in the flavor of the city. I love NYC!

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