Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nature in an unnatural world (Day 5 of our NYC Family Trip)

Tuesday's picture (12.22.10)

One of the things I loved the most about renting an apartment was that for a brief period of time, we felt like real New Yorkers. We were housed right down the street from Gramercy Park - the only private (and locked) park in Manhattan. From the sidewalk you could see the paths in the park with squirrels scurrying to and fro.

I love how nature still thrives in this vibrant city!

On this day, we took it easy and just strolled around and shopped in the Gramercy Park and Union Square areas. A van was booked to take us to the airport where we were there were tons and tons of people flying out for the holidays.

It was a fast vacation with a lot packed in! I'm so glad we got to take the kids to see NYC at Christmas-time!

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